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Call Afghanistan from UK

If steep call rates make you shun frequent calls to Afghanistan from the UK, it's time to check Vizz Roshan. Vizz Roshan - which was established due to the partnership of Vizz Mobile with Roshan - the Afghan telecom giant, brings you a dedicated prepaid mobile service tailored to cater to the Afghan Community in the UK. With our services, you can call Afghanistan from UK at cheap rates and talk to your heart's content. Instead of paying steep monthly rates, we let you take advantage of our pay as you go SIM for Afghanistan to control your expenses depending on your actual usage.

Mobile Credit Transfer to Afghanistan

You can enjoy our exclusive international airtime credit transfer deal and instantly transfer mobile credit to an international mobile of your loved ones in Afghanistan from your Vizz Roshan SIM. With low cost-high quality calls, mobile credit transfer to Afghanistan, and more user-friendly offers that we run from time to time, it's no wonder that more and more people in the UK are choosing Vizz Roshan to stay connected with their loved ones in Afghanistan. When are you joining the league?